Lommel - Belgium


Hotel Corbie - Lommel

The 4th Corbie hotel, located along the Lommel ring, officially opened on February 28th of 2018. This modern building offers its guests 27 hotel rooms and 20 business flats.

Energy management was an important factor for the system choice. This hotel mainly targeting professionnal customers, it is quite calm during the day. The owners were looking for a system allowing them to monitor and optimize consciously the electrical consumption while being away.

Also, the corridors and stairways are equipped with LED lightings combined with our DMOV05 movement sensor. Given the limited size of the LED profile, it was necessary to use a small sensor like ours. Which does not make it less efficient, since on the installer’s request the length of the module was lightly adjusted so it could perfectly fit the profile. Another asset for the installer. The sensibility of the sensor was then configured through the Domintell configuration software, as it is also done for over 50 other sensors throughout the hotel, all managed from a central point with the very same software.

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The installer

World On Light BVBA

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For more information about the project, download our detailed reference sheet.