Odoo CMS - a big picture

The Domintell home automation installations are user-friendly, upgradable and easily configured.

But what are the main features of the Domintell technology?

Domintell is a BUS system: a sturdy industrial communication system, used in thousands of factories and airports all over the world. All the command mechanisms are linked together with a single cable: cabling is then highly facilitated compared to a classical electrical installation. All the power circuits come back to the electrical board(s). The BUS is a RS485, worldwidely standardized under the name EIA485 (EIA = Electrical Industry Association) and since 2011 under the name TIA485 (TIA = Telecommunication Industry Association). This BUS is maintained by the TIA and more efficient new components are regularly released by the big semiconductors manufacturers such as Texas Instruments or Analog Devices. After validation, those components are used in our productions.

Domintell is an upgradable system: meaning that at any moment new extensions can be combined with existing installations.  It is also a fully integrated system, meaning that all inputs potentially can control all outputs. At Domintell, for example, there are no special (and mandatory!) buttons for the control of blinders or audio systems. A very same button can control a shutter today, the light tomorrow or the garage door the day after! Domintell basically integrates an astronomical clock which allows it to know the sunrise and sunset times, and thus how to react depending on them.

Domintell is a truely open system: RS232, USB and Ethernet interfaces are available for the third-party developers with all the necessary documentation for the developement of control applications.

Finally, Domintell is configurable by the user, if he wishes to. The configuration software is available for free. The most complex scripts are possible and the use is as easy as a 'drag and drop'.